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We are a family operated business with over 30 years of experience in every aspect of the log cabin industry. Not only do we guarantee the most affordable prices, we also provide the highest quality of work possible and in a timely manner.

The materials we use for repairing or Restoring Log Cabins are among the best in the industry. Doing business with us ensures no hidden fees or additional expenses unlike other log home companies. Great South Log Homes honors each client by keeping them updated during all stages, and is always available to meet either by phone or in person.

Complete Log Home Refinishing

Staining Log Home

Inspecting Log Homes


Restoring log cabins is our business and when it comes to dependable services and quality workmanship, nobody does it better than Great South Log Homes. Please take your time viewing the many log home services we offer such as log rot repair, chinking, staining, & refinishing.

Professional Crews

Our work is very specialized and each of our crew members undergoes extensive training and is committed to quality workmanship.

Quality Materials

High quality materials from providers like Sashco and Perma-Chink.

Efficient Project Management

Because we service hundreds of log homes each year, we have become highly efficient in what we do and are able to provide a very turn-key service to our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal; we will work tirelessly to make sure each project meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Individual Approach

We understand that each home is unique and each customer has also individual needs for their home. 

VIP Customer Service

Customer service and communication is of upmost importance to us. We strive for excellence in our relationships with our customers.

Services We Offer

Log Rot Repair

During log replacement, we can match the new logs with the old logs using the same profiles and ensuring the logs are securely sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Log Face Replacement

Full Log Replacement

Isolated Log Rot Repair

Complete Log Home Refinishing

This service is our ultimate offering, unquestionably the finest available. It involves stripping the exterior down to bare wood, providing a fresh starting point.

Media Blast



Complete Energy Seal


UV Protection

Log Home Media Blasting

This method is our top choice for removing old coatings, as it’s entirely eco-friendly and safe for people. Unlike harsh chemical stripping agents, it poses no harm to the environment or health.

Removes Multiple Layers of Old Coatings

No Pressure Washing

No Bleach Used


Log home restoration involves the careful preservation and renovation of log structures to enhance their appearance and structural integrity. Through techniques like cleaning, sealing, and repairing, log home restoration aims to revitalize these unique properties for years to come.




Log Home Maintenance

We offer an annual maintenance program or can educate homeowners on how to effectively maintain their log homes. While it’s not overly challenging to upkeep your log home, it does necessitate a small annual commitment of effort.

Annual Cleaning

Periodic Visual Inspections

UV Protection

Log Home Inspection

Our log home inspections differ from standard certified home inspections as they specifically concentrate on assessing logs and timbers. Following the inspection, a comprehensive report detailing all findings will be provided to the client.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Logs Leaking


Air Infiltration

Energy Seal (Log home caulking) features:

Expands and contracts

Stays playable

Textured finish

Absorbs stain pigment to Match stain better

After construction, log cabins undergo a two year adjustment period where logs may settle, twist, and develop checks (cracks parallel to the grain), which is normal.

Our complete Energy Seal service addresses settling, checking, and small gaps between logs at corners, windows, and doors, selecting a color that blends seamlessly with the stain color.

Benefits of our Energy Seal service:

1. Stops air and water infiltration
2. Helps prevent decay
3. Eliminates hiding places for insects
4. Enhances overall appearance

A few words from
our happy clients

Marty and Ev

Great South Log Homes stained our log siding and painted all the trim on the outside of our house. They did a great job. During the painting and staining, there were a few minor repairs that had to be made and Ben did the repairs with no extra charge. The quote they gave me at the beginning of the job was what I paid – there was no “nickel and diming”. All facets of the job were thoroughly explained with all questions and concerns satisfactorily addressed and resolved. There painting was meticulous with clean straight edges. They worked efficiently and were done earlier than their time estimate for completion. Overall we are extremely satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Great South Log Homes to anyone.

Joe and Nancy Del Rosal

Great South Log Home Services just completed some log repairs, railing repairs, energy sealing and re-staining our recently acquired log “dream” home. One word described the work they performed, OUTSTANDING. The cabin looks brand new and we are both extremely pleased with the job they did. They do what they say they are going to do, they charge what they say they are going to charge, they communicate every step of the way and always ask before they assume. It is readily apparent that they take pride in their work. That’s in integrity in my book. I’m not the easiest person to please but when a company goes above and beyond I’ll be the first to sing their praises. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Log Home Maintenance?

Log home maintenance is the overall upkeep on a log home shell to ensure there is proper protection from damaging UV radiation, water damage, air infiltration, and insect and rodent intrusion.

One part of maintenance that really helps to extend the life of log home stains and sealants is a yearly wash of your log home. This is not a difficult process, but very beneficial. This removes any surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, bird feces, and insect remains that will eventually wear the finish prematurely. Washing the log home is also a good time to do a quick home inspection, locate any areas of failed caulking or chinking and provide an overall assessment of the condition of the log home stain to get an idea of what walls or areas need a maintenance coat of stain.

Why should I be interested in or care about regularly maintaining their log cabin home?

Just like a periodic car wash, tune-up, oil change, and tire rotation keep a car looking better and running longer, so an annual inspection and as-needed maintenance will keep a log home looking good with integrity and value.

What Is It Going to Cost to Restore My Log Home?

Each log home is unique in its own ways and therefore costs are custom priced. No log home is the same as the next one. Different variables are taken into consideration when pricing our homes. Size, condition, accessibility, and so on. A full restoration is by no means a cheap or easy fix and should be done by a log home specialist such as GSLHS. Call us for a quote. Most quotes are free. If extensive travel needs a fee will occur and if you choose to use GSLHS that fee will be deducted from your rate.

How Long Will It Take?

While each log home is different it takes on average 3-6 weeks from start to finish. It usually takes this long due to drying times, application times, preparations, curing time for any caulking or chinking, and weather conditions. The average restoration job involves normally about 5+ trips around the entire home. This means, moving ladders, scaffolding, equipment, and so forth multiple times.

How do I protect my log home from moisture, insects, and fungi?

The two most important protections are adequate roof overhangs and eaves troughs. Insects and fungi prefer damp wood, so it is very important to keep your wood dry. As well, the finish treatment of the logs helps prevent decay, insects, and fungi.

Applying finish requires repeat treatments. The finish should be high-quality, allow the wood to breathe and water repellent. Do NOT try to save on exterior finishes. They keep your log home protected and the wood looking good. Also, keep all shrubs and firewood off your log walls

Can you buy a good stain from the local hardware store?

Basic stain products are OK and probably affordable, but the reduction in price usually means a reduction in quality. This will eventually cost you more in the long run. Find a log home supply store or go online to view all companies. You may want to ask a local log homeowner what they use. A good log home stain is formulated to prevent moisture from entering the fiber of your logs and has the right amount of pigment to prevent sun damage. A log home stain will give you the best overall look for your home. Make sure you have a professional log home specialist apply the stain.