Nothing is more ingrained in the concept of the American countryside than the log home. Quaint, rustic, and beautiful, these homes are great for weekend getaways to the woods or can be made liveable year-round, but there are several things to keep in mind before making a log home your next purchase. Log homes require crucial routine maintenance that will not only maintain the structure of the home, but keep the exterior free from any unwanted problems and pests.

Mold Is Prevalent In Log Homes

If not dried and sealed correctly, your log home may struggle with mold build up. Mold occurs naturally in moist environments and if left unchecked, can eat away at the wood. To ensure that your log home doesn’t fall prey to mold and rot, the natural wood exterior must be thoroughly cleaned, and completely dried before any stain is applied. If not, the stain will prove ineffective and the mold will continue to flourish and spread. However, if properly prepared, a well applied coat of stain can keep your wood safe and mold-free.

Insects Are A Common Issue

Not all insects will pose a threat to your log home, but there are a few species in particular to keep an eye on. Termites are perhaps the most well-known and exceedingly destructive if left unchecked, but there are several others who can do just as must damage. Carpenter bees are a common culprit. They burrow deep into the dead wood where they make their nests. Although not an aggressive species, the burrows can compromise the strength of the wood. Carpenter ants are also frequent pests in log homes. They, like the bees, burrow into the wood to create their colonies but unlike termites they do not consume the wood. Luckily, prevention is possible with correct maintenance of the home. There are many effective pest removal methods available to the homeowner as well but the key is to remain aware and take care of any pests as soon as possible. It’s only if left unchecked that they can do the most damage.

Routine Maintenance Is Key

Because of the issues that can arise from a poorly maintained log home, it goes without saying that routine maintenance is a must. The special stain used on log homes is what keeps them free from invasion by either mold or insects and needs to be properly cared for to be able to continue protecting your home. Thus ensuring that the stain is cleaned on a regular basis will not only keep the stain from wearing away but alert you to any problem spots that may exist. If not properly maintained, you may find yourself having to strip and restain the entire exterior which is an expense best avoided. The key is to not let any of the natural wood be exposed for extended amounts of time to avoid any of the aforementioned issues.

Log homes, like most homes, require a certain amount of upkeep to keep them safe and beautiful. By completing routine maintenance on the home, you are protecting it from any unwanted pests and other issues, such as mold, that may occur. Keep in mind that this maintenance is not only beneficial to preserving the condition of the home but will stop you from paying exorbitant amounts to rectify any severe problems that have been allowed to continue for too long.

Need Help?

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