Log homes are very different from traditional residences, from a structural standpoint. If you aren’t familiar with how to maintain your log home, you could damage it, causing several thousands of dollars in repairs.

One of the most effective ways of preserving the exterior of your log home is purchasing premium log home staining services. However, in order to get the most out of these services, you must familiarize yourself with proper pre-staining knowledge and methods. To learn more about what you should do before staining your home, please continue reading for more in-depth information.

Always Use High-Quality Stain

Most of the time, log home owners cut corners and purchase cheap staining materials. Not only are these products counterproductive to staining your log home, but low-quality stain products don’t last very long and are inefficient. Always remember to purchase only the best staining materials to ensure that your log home is heavily protected.

Never Use Paint

Again, log homes aren’t like traditional homes. Therefore, you should never use paint as a substitute for staining products. Unlike staining products, paint doesn’t allow logs to breathe as latex stain does. Consequently, paint can trap moisture inside the logs, causing rotting and decay to form over time. Oil-based stains, which are very similar to paint, shouldn’t be used for the same reason.

Remove Everything from the Surface

Once your staining products have been purchased and you’re ready to begin, start sanding the exterior of your wood logs to remove all splinters, rough spots, and other marks left from the construction process. Staining without sanding first won’t get all of the job done and could cause you to stain your log home again.